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About Us
This is the inaugural issue of China Now. It is the reincarnation of Beijing Scene. Beijing Scene was launched 10 years ago as China's first non-State-owned newspaper. It appeared weekly for more than six years—and 300 issues—before being closed by China’s secret police in the summer of 2000.

Beijing Scene was the community newspaper for China’s more than 100,000 expatriates and English-speaking local Chinese. It reported on cutting-edge economic, social, and cultural developments in China’s rapidly transforming capital. It survived and thrived in a strictly censored media environment (an information stranglehold that the Communist Party continues to impose today).

Due to our abiding passion and commitment to the cause of cross-cultural communication, our team of reporters and photographers throughout China has reconvened. Working in tandem with our new production headquarters in the San Francisco Bay Area, we have prepared a strong first issue of China Now and are committed to updating you every month with the most comprehensive, engaging reporting on contemporary China available anywhere.

China Now will chronicle the real Cultural Revolution taking place every day in China, progressive change that is not adequately reported in the corporate-controlled Western media.

The U.S.-China relationship is too important to be permitted to devolve into mutually reinforcing negative stereotypes and fingerpointing, a process that has been allowed to fester in recent years. Increased understanding between the United States and China is integral to a healthy world economy and environment in the 21st century.

We urge you to support this worthwhile effort at chronicling positive change in China, and promoting increased understanding between the Chinese and American people, by subscribing to China Now.

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