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Internet Top 10

Don’t expect to find Hong Kong crime and martial arts pap. This site features analyses, reviews, and interpretations of high-brow cinematic offerings—both official and underground—being produced in China, Hong Kong and Taiwan.

Whether you are looking for a teaching job, apartment, motorcycle, or that special someone for a language exchange in Taiwan, Tealit (Teach English And Live in Taiwan) is a great place to start. The site is sensibly designed, facilitating access to information quickly with no time-consuming registration process. Tealit features essays, photos, and plenty of practical advice on living and working in the Republic of China.

This is the virtual home of Art Scene China, a Shanghai-based modern Chinese art gallery. The website features portfolios of contemporary Chinese artists ranging from Ai Weiwei to Zheng Xuewu. If you are looking for modern Chinese art or information on artists, this is a good place to start.

Things Asian invites web surfers to “Experience Asia Through the Eyes of a Traveler.” With high-quality stories and photo essays from up-and-coming writers and photojournalists, Things Asian features some of the best Asia-based travel writing and photography on the Internet. A must visit for veteran voyagers and armchair travelers alike.

This is the most comprehensive list of China-related resources on the Internet. Of special interest is its extensive directory of mass media, magazines and newspapers focusing on China.

So you think the Chinese press is just government propaganda? Think again. This site features the most comprehensive online archive of articles from the Chinese press in translation.

This is the most comprehensive website on Chinese martial arts on the Internet. It focuses on the disciplines generally referred to as “internal” (neijia) martial arts. The site contains many original Chinese texts translated into English for the first time. It also features interviews with leading masters, many rare photos, and books and videos on Chinese martial arts.

This site showcases the work of the talented young Chinese documentary photographer Zhou Hai. Featured is his provocative and disturbing photo essay “The Unbearable Heaviness of Industry.” It provides a unique glimpse into the underside of China’s economic miracle.

A densely layered storehouse of information on China, both practical and esoteric. Chinapage has sections on literature and poetry; quotations and parables; Chinese dictionaries; and national, provincial and urban maps. Not the prettiest site in the world, but an invaluable resource nonetheless.

Ziboy is both the alias and the daily photolog of 27-year-old Beijing-based photographer Wen Ling. Ziboy has an amazing eye for the faces, places and scenes of China’s dynamic capital. Nothing to buy, nothing to sell—just a daily journal in images of a way of life being transformed by the relentless march of modernization.

Honorable Mention

Yes Asia sells pop culture products from all over Asia. The site specializes in contemporary music, films, and posters from China, Taiwan, Japan and Korea. What Yes Asia doesn’t have in stock they will order, and they ship for free throughout North America.

The Flash-heavy website of Quentin Shih, a talented Beijing-based photographer with a very serious background in magazine work. Shi’s work has been featured in Beijing Scene, Modern Sky, and other popular Chinese and international magazines.

Ju Ming is the most critically and commercially successful sculptor in Taiwan. This site features his creations, and information about the reclusive artist himself and the museum dedicated to collecting his work.

The official homepage of the Democratic People’s Republic of Korea (DPRK) puts a happy face on the Hermit Kingdom. There is plenty of information here about North Korea, including a tourism section that invites readers to “meet with a socialist society which preserves and defends its own style of life” and to “experience the reality of North Korea by yourself.”

J-List is a wonderful place where you can find hundreds of cool products from Japan. Among these are the legendary Sanrio-licensed Hello Kitty Pocket Pal, refreshing Santen “minty eye drops,” and more anime than you can shake a stick at.

Gorgeous, luscious images of modern Chinese art, reproduced digitally. Our office computers all boast Wang Jing screensavers.

Interviews, news, and reviews on the internationally-renowned Hong Kong film industry. DVDs, books, and links on your favorite directors and actors including John Woo, Michelle Yeo, Wong Kar Wai, Jet Lee, Jackie Chan and more.

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